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We are a professional supplier of high quality durable Granite, Quartz and Sintered Stone Surfaces for your kitchen Counter top in Singapore and Malaysia.

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High Quality Engineered Stone

Casa Stone is a professional supplier of high quality engineered Quartz stone slabs and tiles in Singapore and Malaysia. Engineered quartz stone is an environmentally-friendly composite material made of crushed stone bound together by adhesive. Used primarily for countertops in residential and commercial setups, Casa Stone’s engineered quartz is durable, scratch resistant and easy to maintain

Watch Casa Stone® team experts present the latest technology in fabricating perfect cutting edge for your counter top that creates your dream home. To watch our latest upload, please click the above image
Innovative design, beautiful colours
Chip, crack, scratch resistant
Environmental friendly materials
Non-corrosive maintenance free
Non-porous, safe for food preparation
Withstands, high & low temperatures, highly adaptable

Casa Stone is the best table top supplier, glad to know them, as a designer i need fast response from salesman when i have question, only Casa Stone sales person can reply me in time, before i met Casa Stone, those table top supplier use 1 to 2 days to reply!